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How to install Windows 11 on an incompatible PC, and fix your Galaxy with green line for free, here's the summary

How to install Windows 11 on an incompatible PC, and fix your Galaxy with green line for free, here's the summary

A Very Simple Way to Install Windows 11 on an Incompatible PC, How to Fix Your Galaxy Device Affected by the Green Line for Free… Here's the Summary

Windows 11 recap

It's time to recap Monday, April 12, 2024. Today we learned a new way to install Windows 11 on an incompatible PC. Samsung then revealed a specific condition to repair its affected smartphones for free, which reveals a large green line. Finally, Xiaomi recently announced that some of its older smartphone models will be updated to include HyperOS. But with a specificity that will distinguish it from previous versions.

Windows 11: It is now possible to install the system on an incompatible computer with just one click. Find out how.

Learn how to install Windows 11 on a PC that doesn't meet official Microsoft standards in an amazing way: a simple click. This tip includes selecting Windows 11 IoT Enterprise during installation, which helps avoid minimum requirements restrictions. This edition delivers all the features of Windows Enterprise, making it easy to transform an old PC into one compatible with the latest Microsoft operating system, all without complex scripts or complications.

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Samsung: Galaxy phones affected by the green line issue will benefit from free repair, under certain conditions

Samsung offers a solution for owners of certain Galaxy phone models who are experiencing a display error in the form of a green line on the screen. This free screen replacement is only available in India for Galaxy S20, S21, Note 20 and S22 devices purchased in the last three years and before April 30, 2024. Note that the phone's battery will also be replaced for free. This issue, which is attributed to the failure of OLED panels, also affects other brands that use the South Korean brand's display technology.

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HYPEROS: This update will be rolled out to these older models of the brand, including the nuance

Xiaomi has announced that HyperOS, the successor to MIUI, will be installed on some of its older models, but with a distinct twist. This update will concern in particular the Xiaomi Mi 11 and Mi 10 series. For the latter, HyperOS will be based on Android 13 instead of Android 14, perhaps due to technical limitations. In France, deployment has begun and will continue until the end of June, although the exact date of these models is still unknown.

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