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United Kingdom | Rishi Sunak wants to toughen illegal immigration laws

(LONDON) Rishi Sunak’s British Conservative government will present a new anti-illegal immigration bill on Tuesday, aimed specifically at banning people arriving through the Channel in small boats from seeking asylum in the United Kingdom, several newspapers reported.

Despite Brexit promises to ‘take back control’ of borders, the UK faces a huge surge in arrivals, with more than 45,000 people reaching the country’s shores this way last year, and pressure is mounting on the Prime Minister. event.

Expected for weeks, the text offers measures to allow asylum seekers who have arrived in the UK illegally to be detained and deported “as soon as reasonably possible”. times And this Dailymail In their editions dated Monday.

The government intends to send them back to Rwanda under a law already passed, but it cannot be used because of legal action or to another country deemed safe. And illegal arrivals will be banned from returning to the UK for life.

According to timesLondon plans in parallel to create new “legal and safe” routes for asylum seekers.

“Our actions will be simple in principle and application: the only route to the United Kingdom will be a safe and legal route,” he argued in the newspaper on Sunday. the sun Home Secretary Suella Braverman has a strong opinion on the matter, as does the Prime Minister.

When questioned on Sky News on Sunday, Chris Heaton-Harris, the minister responsible for Northern Ireland, pointed out that the UK wants to make “appropriate exchanges” with France and other European countries to ensure asylum seekers “stay in the first safe country”. They’re coming in.”

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Rishi Sunak is expected in Paris on Friday for a bilateral summit with French President Emmanuel Macron.

“Stopping the boats” of irregular migrants is one of five priorities set by the British prime minister, less than two years away from a general election in which the Labor opposition is expected to win a referendum.

The arrival of these migrants, who are housed in hotels while their asylum applications are processed, has created tensions in some of the country’s cities with anti-refugee demonstrations, such as Saturday’s in Dover.