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Here’s why you shouldn’t use dryer sheets

Although popular in Quebec homes, dryer sheets may not be as good as you think.

Four home experts interviewed for the show today In the US, it has been pointed out that dryer sheets can cause long-term damage to your dryer, including coating the sensors inside the mechanism with wax.

Using fabric softener sheets may also increase drying time over time, as the filter may also become coated with wax.

One way to check if your filter is covered in wax is to run it under water. If the water doesn’t run through it, you’ll know it’s less effective than it could be. You can clean it with soap and a toothbrush, says one expert, and it will be like new.

Fabric softener sheets are highly flammable, and can quickly catch fire if caught in the dryer element.


Surveyed experts believe that tennis balls and wool dryer balls are high-quality alternatives to dryer sheets for reducing static electricity.

There are also reusable dryer sheets which may be an option to consider.

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