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Texas: Ten Commandments and prayer in public schools?

Texas Senate It was adopted On Thursday, by a vote of 17 to 12, a bill passed that would force elementary and secondary schools in the public sector to display the Ten Commandments conspicuously in every classroom starting next school year. The upper house of the Texas Parliament also adopted by the same margin another provision that would allow the same schools to set aside time for students and staff to read the Bible or other religious texts and pray.

Supporters of these bills argue that the Supreme Court paved the way for the return of the Ten Commandments and prayers to public schools when it ruled in favor of Joe Kennedy, the US high school football coach. In Washington State who was fired for praying after football games.

The bills will be submitted for consideration by the Texas House of Representatives.

To comment on the Republican senator who voted for both texts, according to Texas Grandstand “I believe you cannot change the culture of a country until you change the culture of humanity. Bringing the Ten Commandments and prayers back into our public schools will empower our students to be better Texans.”

It is far from certain that these laws respect the principle of separation of church and state enshrined in the US Constitution. In its ruling on the football coach, the Supreme Court made it clear that he prayed as a private citizen after matches, not as an employee of the school board.

An attorney for the ACLU’s Texas chapter said Washington Post “The Constitution of the United States expressly prohibits entanglement between church and state, and the Texas Constitution guarantees freedom of worship. Whether we choose to belong to one religion or not, people of all faiths and beliefs must stand together against state endorsement of a particular religion.”

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