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Here’s how to get a convenient grocery store for $25 at Dollarama

Here’s how to get a convenient grocery store for $25 at Dollarama

With grocery prices soaring, consumers are looking for discounts. Will the Dollarama chain and its lower priced items be in the running?

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A nutritionist accompanied journalist Veronique Lauzon on her shopping, and the results were amazing.

Bottom line, decent grocery shopping is possible at “dollar” stores.

A grocery basket including cereal, bread, almond milk, and quinoa, among other items, was purchased for $25.

“In a context where the basket rises sharply, it is difficult for consumers to eat well,” recalls Chantal Bliss, Head of the Nutrition Service at IRCM, Clinical Nutrition Service Chief, Chantal Bliss.

“When we offer them to eat well, it costs a lot more. It is an observation that people buy more and more food in Dolarama.

Although many of the regulars of these stores mainly buy junk food, such as crisps and chocolates, the fact remains that they offer certain foods or products at more advantageous prices than supermarkets.

“You can have some fun foods.”

For example, for dinner, we were able to buy pasta, olive oil, tomato sauce, and canned mackerel, among other things, for less than $10.

Less catchy than the big grocery chains, these companies are definitely worth a money-saving detour.