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Here is the typical Home Depot customer!

Here is the typical Home Depot customer!

An American consumer research firm took a look at Home Depot and its customers, and the results might surprise you.

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Numerator, a Chicago-based company, compiled a series of data to paint a picture of the typical Home Depot customer.

Among the variables analyzed were the age, income, level of education, marital status, and annual income of the consumer.

The numerator concludes that the average consumer of a US distribution company is:

An elderly white man in his forties

– married

He doesn’t have any more children at home

– He lives in the suburbs

– Holds a university degree

Earn more than $80,000 per year

Below is some relevant information that is also in the data. They more accurately detail his behavior in the store.

The average consumer buys six items during a visit to The Home Depot

His annual expenses in the big store exceed $1,000 annually

– The products most valued by customers are “Behr” and “Scotts” brand products

When it comes to repeat visiting, 83% of customers who visited a Home Depot in 2021 did so again the following year.

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On the Wal-Mart side, for example, that rate is as high as 97%.

Remember, Home Depot employs about 475,000 employees across North America, and recorded sales of over $150 billion in 2022.