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Quebec Fans of Putin |  Montreal Journal

Quebec Fans of Putin | Montreal Journal

I shouldn’t be surprised. when Newspaper He publishes a column critical of Putin, his native Quebec readers, they say, despite the calls of the new censors for this cursed expression, have come to the defense of the master of the Kremlin, the pocket tsar.

In France they are called “poutinolâtres”. These are people from the far right like Marine Le Pen or from the far left like Jean-Luc MĂ©lenchon, founder of La France Insoumise. In the US, it’s Donald Trump and some of the stars of Fox News.

In Quebec, they are found among conspiracy theorists and within the radical branch of the Quebec Solidere.


I recently met a recently retired former colleague who turned to political marketing where he made his fortune. He tried to convince me of the political virtues of Vladimir Putin, his man who will save us from the American “dictatorship”. Indeed, many pro-Putin Quebecers harbor blind anti-Americanism. It was the engine that made them turn the hood.

In politics, extremes feed on hate, frustration, vindictiveness, and existential anxiety. This explains why people on the left and on the right, when switching, are on the same side, no matter what they think.

You don’t have to scratch far to discover in Quebec’s “potenaultatrice” a vehement rejection of parliamentary democracy. In fact, they feel nothing but contempt for the politicians who target them and who, with more or less skill, exploit them to achieve their political ends.

These big mouths are a hit on social networks. Their populism attracts the naive, the ignorant, and those who demonize Americans. Among these extremists of all persuasions are people who are proud of themselves and refuse to set foot in the United States. They often vomit from Legault’s government and the silent majority. As if our “botnetols” embody the dictatorial future of the postmodern revolution.