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“Helldivers 2”: A new must-have video game for sci-fi fans

“Helldivers 2”: A new must-have video game for sci-fi fans

Exciting action scenes, intense battles, and a narrative full of sarcastic humor… Without a doubt, Very diverse 2 It is a huge success that we won't get tired of any time soon.

You've come a long way, excellence Very diversesince its launch in 2015. In fact, this long-awaited sequel has little in common with the original chapter as it outperforms it in every way.

In addition to introducing a more refined aesthetic, we're now ditching the classic isometric look – what a wise decision! – In favor of the third person, able to make the experience more immersive, but also giving it more dynamism.

However, we have been thrust into the same dystopian universe where the human race is now pinned on a new planet: Super-Earth. But as various extraterrestrial species threaten, it's up to the army of Helldivers – which the player is obviously a part of – to crush these insectoid enemies to restore and then maintain peace and freedom.

Image courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment

Imposing Arsenal

It won't take long to show us what the Helldivers are capable of; The first seconds of the game immerse the player in a series of frenetic tutorials, only introducing them to all the means at their disposal to stop these creatures.

We do not do things lightly when it comes time to enter the battlefield; Weapons of all kinds, devastating grenades, shield generators, and airdrops of resources are just a few of the tools available to carry out the various tasks offered. It's brutal and breathless, but most of all it's incredibly exhilarating as you take down hordes of aliens at a dizzying pace.

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brief, Miscellaneous Hell 2 Instantly establishing itself as a new must-have for fans of the genre.

Helldivers 2 ★★★★☆