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Hard to believe Canadians will be back on December 28 (in Florida)

Hard to believe Canadians will be back on December 28 (in Florida)

It has fallen rapidly in CH over the past few days. From Thursday 5 p.m. to yesterday afternoon (so at 72 hours), CH learned that he would be playing behind closed doors on Thursday, that he would not play on Saturday, that his matches featuring American clubs had been postponed and that activities were officially suspended until December 26. Not to mention the news today about the matches behind closed doors…

In times of COVID-19 and the Omicron wave, what is real now may not be very soon. It is changing quickly and not moving in the right direction.

With that in mind, on paper, the Canadian will be able to resume training on December 27, which is the day he must travel to Tampa for the next day’s game against Lightning. Carolina (December 30) and Florida (January 1) are on the list before returning to Montreal. But in fact, it is doubtful whether this will happen.

In fact, we can doubt the establishment of matches.

Earlier this afternoon, We knew the Canadian would finally have to play behind closed doors. This is news that no one was prepared for just a few days ago and it is reasonable to believe that the Canadian will have to take some time to readjust to the new measures and procedures to leave the country.

Will the ban on crossing the border be extended on holidays? It should come as no surprise if this should be the case, in fact.

Right now, the NHL has a lot of options on the table. Will a longer rest period take time to properly implement the optimal solution? possible.

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The Capitals is scheduled to be in town on January 4, followed by the Maple Leafs (Canadian club) on January 6. Will CH only play on January 6th? Will the schedule be suspended/reconfigured by then?

This is possible, yes.

Will the Canadians play on December 28 as planned, then? It’s not impossible, but let’s say that for now I’m having a hard time seeing how that could happen.

a lot of

– It wouldn’t be surprising.

– This morning, Darren Dreger did not see the deadline for transactions to be affected. Does he still think the same thing?

It’s the Oilers’ turn to shut down their facility.

– Ah yes.

– What will happen with Star Game in Laval? It will undoubtedly be delivered.

News like any other news.

– what do you say?

We have to honor him someday.