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Algeria crowned in the Arab Cup: Zidane and Benzema are indifferent

Algeria crowned in the Arab Cup: Zidane and Benzema are indifferent

All of Algeria is on fire for sacred From his country’s national team in the Arab Nations Cup.

Unfortunately, it seems that the achievement of the Greens in Qatar is not an event for some of the big stars of Algerian origin, in particular Zinedine Zidane And Karim Benzema.

The Algerian national team “A” concluded, with its brilliance, its impressive trajectory in the Arab Cup, with spectacular confrontations from the last match of the first round, against Egypt, then against Morocco, Qatar and Tunisia.

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Every time Algeria snatched qualification from The end of the suspense. In the final match, they defeated Tunisia with two goals, which Sioud and Brahimi scored in extra time.

The coronation, the second in less than three years after the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, was duly celebrated in Algeria and by the Algerian community abroad, especially in France. It has been praised all over the world. FC Barcelona congratulated on its Twitter page in Arabic.

Football side stars, Franck Ribery did not fail to express his joy on social networks immediately after the match, as he usually does at every dedication ceremony for the Greens.

The only link that links Ribery to Algeria is his wife’s Algerian origins from Oran. During the oxygen crisis and the fires that ravaged the north of the country, especially the Kabylie region, last summer, the former Bayern Munich player handed a check for 200,000 euros as a form of solidarity.

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Zinedine Zidane has done a lot for his country, through the institution that bears his name, but when it comes to publicly celebrating the national team’s accomplishments, he doesn’t show the same enthusiasm. This is the case for the Arab Cup, which was brought back from Qatar, and even the Arab Cup, which it won in Egypt in 2019.

Two years ago, Benzema asked to play for Algeria

Karim Benzema as Zidane is of Algerian descent through his parents. He also did not congratulate the Greens on this achievement, as while during the Elkan period, he was with Algeria completely, he even shared his feelings on Instagram, especially during the 1/8 final match against Guinea.

It must be said that Zidane limited his public outings with regard to Algeria, and contented himself with charitable works only, since his last visit, which he described as ” family ».

Karim Benzema has never hidden his connection to Algeria, hence some of his setbacks in France. And even today, he is released on television with his statement in which he asserts that France was for him only a career choice.

The Algerians watched the last Ballon d’Or ceremony with great interest and fully supported the Real Madrid striker, who only finished fourth.

His indifference to the victory of the national team is incomprehensible because, right after the Cannes, in October 2019 to be exact, publicly asked to the French Football Federation to allow him to play for Algeria.

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« If you think I’m done, let me play in one of the countries I’ll qualify for and we’ll see ‘, replied to the head of the FFF, Noel Le Grat, who had Declare the end of the adventure Benzema in the French national team.

And the thing that has happened since then is the call-up of the striker last May, which surprised everyone, in the ranks of the French national team, which prevented him from participating in it since 2015 after his involvement in the case known as sextape.

Not to celebrate Algeria victory, il a peut-être voulu éviter de prêter le flanc à ses détracteurs qui avaient d’ailleurs crié au scandale lorsque le sélectionneur Didier Deschamps l’a appelé pour l’Euro, dans uncontexte de la étrê marête in France.