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Guide to your deconfined summer |  Covid-19 |  News |  the sun

Guide to your deconfined summer | Covid-19 | News | the sun

TheThe summer liquidation process will be implemented in stages, “gradually” and “with caution” in the Quebec regions. The provincial government unveiled its schedule to facilitate health measures Tuesday evening.

The first cuts will go into effect on May 28, but starting next Tuesday, high school students in Basse-Saint-Laurent, who are still undergoing emergency measures, will return to class. Young people from high school 3-4-5 will go to school alternately, every day.

Friday, May 28

  • No more coming home before 8 PM or 9:30 PM, depending on where you are. The curfew that had been in effect since January 9 was lifted in all regions of Quebec
  • In private lands, gatherings that respect physical distancing are permitted in groups of a maximum of eight people from different accommodations or occupants of two dwellings.
  • The required and expected reopening of the stands is taking shape. Customers can enjoy a meal on the outside terraces of the restaurants. In the red and orange areas, only occupants of the same or two people alone with their children can share a moment on the balcony. The same activity can bring together residents of two different addresses in the yellow area.
  • Just in time for the holidays, travel is permitted between regions
  • Large halls and outdoor stadiums with dedicated seating can accommodate 250 spectators per area, with a maximum capacity of 2,500 people
  • At-risk users in CHSLDs and private senior citizens’ residences benefit from some relaxed rules

    Monday May 31 (orange)

    The “vast majority” of Quebec’s regions are expected to turn orange by May 31. Maurice Center de Quebec and Saguenay-Lac Saint-Jean are already in this region.

  • The restaurant dining rooms are authorized to reopen at the orange alert level
  • High school students 3-4-5 who attend school in turns from a distance face to face can return to class full time
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Friday, June 11

  • Bars can in turn reopen their outdoor terraces by following the same restaurant rules, either to accommodate two adults from different accommodations or the same family per table in the red or orange zone. In yellow areas, occupants of two homes will be able to sit at the same table
  • Groups of up to 25 people can participate in supervised outdoor sports and leisure activities offline

Monday 14 June (yellow)

June 14th will see regions transition in yellow, as is already the case for Abetepe-Temsekaming, Gaspée-Ile-de-la-Madeleine and Nord-de-Quebec. Côte-Nord will join the lottery from May 24.

Friday, June 25

If this is the case and the majority of the population is fully vaccinated:

  • People vaccinated with two doses are allowed to see each other in special housing, without a mask or mandatory physical distance.
  • After an epidemic summer without major events, festivals and other large-scale outdoor activities could take place if they received a maximum of 2,500 spectators (other announcements should follow to define measures that festival-goers should note)
  • As classes end for young and old, day camps and summer camps may reopen

Monday June 28 (green)

This is the expected return to the Green Zone of Quebec.

  • On a larger scale, home gatherings are permitted. They can collect ten people from three separate lodges.
  • Indoor sports resume with communication

End of August

These phases take us to the end of August, when it is expected that 75% of Quebecers 12 years of age or older will be vaccinated with both doses. If this goal is achieved:

  • An end to the obligation to wear the mask in “several” public places, a measure in effect since mid-July in Quebec, will mark an end.
  • At the start of the fall 2021 academic year, face-to-face teaching is being considered at CEGEPs and universities
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