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Fitzgibbon: A Sulky Minister |  Quebec Journal

Fitzgibbon: A Sulky Minister | Quebec Journal

In all my long career I have never seen a minister so arrogant as Pierre Fitzgibbon. Even the Minister of Economy is full of himself to a lesser degree.

Through his aggressive behavior towards journalists from register Whoever dares to question certain decisions of this man certainly does not honor his predecessors, namely Bernard Landry, Pauline Marois, Michel Audit, Claude Pichard, Raymond Pachand, Clément Gignac, Nicolas Marceau, Jacques Daoust and Dominique Anglade.

Fitzgibbon is easily offended, even going so far as to indulge in intimidation by attempting to mock on his Facebook page questions my colleague Francis Hallen had asked him about his donation to HEC. His intimidation was also denounced by the Professional Federation of Quebec Journalists.

Are there other examples of insults he posted on his Twitter account?

► FEBRUARY 25, 2023: In response to his “Fitzgibbon Doesn’t Tell the Truth” column by Remy Nadeau, he writes: “The fillers made in the articles, like those of a very good ex-employee, underscore my point about the caliber of this low-end post.”

► February 23, 2023: In response to the article “You Go From Mackenzie to Fitzgibbon’s Closet” by Pascal Dugas Bourdon and Yves Levesque, Fitzgibbon wrote: “M.I Oliver did an exceptional job. I hope this kind of low-frequency article from the tabloids will not discourage other talents from joining corporate teams. »

► 20 December 2022: After my column “Letter to Pierre Fitzgibbon: Don’t be an ostrich! The minister is furious: “Mr Gerard, on my donation to the HEC, you only prove the point I made to Paul Arcand last Friday, which is a trial of intent JdeM Worthy of a low profile tabloid. As for your corporate witch hunt, you simply don’t understand government decision-making processes. happy birthday. »

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► 6 May 2022: Minister’s reaction to Francis Hallen’s article “Fitzgibbon again evades corporate links”: “Fashionable articles like those published this morning hurt businesses and fuel cynicism from residents. All the rules have been followed.” »


I cannot see François Legault entrusting an arrogant ex-businessman like Pierre Fitzgibbon with too many ministerial responsibilities:

► Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy

Minister responsible for regional economic development

► Minister responsible for the Metropolitan Region and Montreal

In plus d’être responsable d’Investissement Québec (a sort of banque d’affaires de l’État au service des entreprises québécoises), Fitzgibbon s’est vu confier the responsibility of ministérielle d’Hydro-Québec, the more grande society d’ condition.

It’s even more surprising to see Prime Minister Legault make Superpower #2 that Pierre Fitzgibbon violated the National Assembly’s Code of Ethics.

This has led to him being reprimanded on three occasions by the Ethics and Professional Conduct Commissioner, Ms.H Arian Mignolet.