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Maison Jacin fined $ 19,000 by court

Maison Jacin fined $ 19,000 by court

On March 23, Judge Natalie Duchesno of the Quebec court I agreed with the College of Physicians, Who accused Jacinth Renee and Christian Limoges of illegally providing medical advice to the public, which is forbidden in Quebec under the rules on the practice of medicine.

This medical advice was provided directly to subscribers of the Maison Jacynthe Facebook page, where Ms. Renee and Mr. Limoges discussed, among other things, the practice of colon irrigation.

In her decision, Judge Duchesneau made this clear Alert the patient to slowing down of the intestine and blockage of other organs, and that cleaning is necessary using a natural product, which are procedures aimed at diagnosing and treating health disabilities..

According to the College of Physicians, only doctors can diagnose, determine treatments, and recommend materials.

The professional system stressed that colon irrigation is a technique that is considered invasive and associated with real health risks. This isn’t the first time Maison Jacynthe has had a problem with health professionals.

In 2018, the Ordre des chimistes du Québec Send a warning to the company And it calls for the involvement of professionals in the formulation of its products.

On the other hand, this is the first time that the court has proven guilty to actress Jacynthe René’s company.

Maison Jacynthe specializes in the manufacture and distribution of natural beauty and wellness products.

The company faced several criticism in March 2020 when it claimed that some of these products could have a beneficial effect in the fight against COVID-19.

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The judgment of Christian Limoges was taken under advice

Naturopath Christian Limoges, who was also convicted in this case, is still awaiting his sentence.

The judge has already received the fine of Mr Limoges and Actumus inc. (Operating under the name Clinique L’Aube). The College of Physicians is demanding a fine of $ 10,000 for the naturopath and $ 8,000 for his work.