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Gregory Charles: He saw himself in a family of Air Sentinels

Gregory Charles: He saw himself in a family of Air Sentinels

Gregory Charles Jr. had diverse interests in television. During his early childhood, he would often sit in front of the small screen to watch cartoon productions, puppets and space heroes as well. His head is still full of offers…

Gregory, what children's programs have had an impact on you?

In the French language there were several: Batov says, Nick and pic, basic, Gobbidon surveys, My friend Piero, Goldorak, Captain Flame, King Leo, dog house, Lancelot, the secret agent And all products created from Supermarionation [une technique permettant de faire bouger les marionnettes] : Air guards, Supercar, XL5 missile, Secret Service And Captain Scarlett. But it was there too In the land of giants, In the heart of time, Lost in space, Star Trek, Daniel Boone, The fugitive, Bonanza, farm, The six million man In addition to appointments Forest students, Skippy, Lassie And Pinball. finally, Tarzan.

Batov says

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So there are also some in English?

Yes. Fat Albert, Captain Kangaroo, Romper room, Friendly Giant And Sesame Street.

What are your fondest childhood television memories?

Those who play with toys in front of the TV during Saturday hockey games, with the whole family.

Gregory Charles

Fat Albert

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Would you say you watched a lot of TV when you were very young?

I would say that before the age of seven, yeah, not bad. After 7 years, I was watching it in the mornings from 5am to 5:30am and on Saturdays at 4pm.

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Is there a character who influenced you?

everyone. Absolutely everything!

Gregory Charles

Air guards

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Is there a character you wish you could play for children?

I've been performing for kids for years, trickIt was a privilege and a pleasure. However, I wanted to be part of a family Air guards And play in it Tarzan.

What world do you want to introduce to children?

Music, but also science.

In conclusion, what do you think of children's television today?

There is little left. It's more coordinated and there's probably less creativity involved. But at the same time, there are a lot of great animated movies in additionElena of Avalor, Carmen Sandiego, Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noirall Disney princesses, Nickelodeon productions, PJ Masks, etc.

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