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5 benefits of winter hiking

5 benefits of winter hiking

The white carpet of winter may take a long time in some corners of Quebec, but once it arrives, you'll be ready for your favorite outdoor activities. The cold season is perfect for moving differently, and winter hiking is an excellent way to enjoy the changing nature. Solo, in pairs or in a group, explore the trails of Quebec's diverse national parks on foot and discover the many benefits of this activity accessible to everyone.

#1 to enjoy snowy landscapes

Quebec's national parks provide an enchanting setting during the winter. It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to walk in the heart of the most beautiful protected areas in Quebec. Tracks that are regularly traveled during the summer completely change their appearance when they are covered with a thick white layer. Hike forest trails, frozen lakesides or scenic peaks. The fir trees take on a ghostly appearance, the trees let little snowflakes fall and the panorama changes for a few months. The magic happens and you're in the front row to experience it all.

#2 For its simplicity

Winter hiking is simple and affordable. Young and old, beginners or athletes, it's an activity accessible to everyone, whatever your level. Dress warmly, strap on your boots, snowshoes or crampons, and then choose a route. Whether you simply want to take in the scenery or access stunning views, Sépaq destinations offer a wide range of itineraries. It's an inexpensive activity – you just have to have it Daily access to the Internet – which requires little equipment and can be practiced alone with family or friends in about twenty Sépaq destinations accessible in winter.

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#3 To observe wildlife

Animals are active even during the cold season. This idyllic snowy setting makes it easy to spot animal footprints hiding in the forest. Hares, foxes, deer… move quietly and carefully to avoid scaring them while you are watching them. National parks offer many activities focused on spotting winter wildlife: participate without hesitation.

#4 For physical and psychological benefits

There's nothing better than getting outdoors to quickly feel the physical and psychological benefits of nature. By energizing yourself on the most beautiful trails and towards magnificent snow-capped peaks, you improve your cardio, step away from everyday life and take some time for yourself. Listen to the sound of your steps in the snow, enjoy the sunlight sparkling on the snowflakes, and feel the cold on your cheeks; Winter hiking provides a true meditation for both body and mind, and national parks are ideal places to recharge your batteries.

#5 To store vitamin D

The days are shorter in winter, which is why you need to take advantage of every ray of sunlight to store vitamin D. While hiking, natural light counteracts the effects of seasonal depression and stimulates the immune system. Every minute you are exposed to light rays allows you to accumulate more of this vitamin with positive effects. Outdoor activities are a source of well-being.

Where do you go hiking in winter?

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