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Greenland ice melt could increase flood risk

Greenland ice melt could increase flood risk

A study published on Monday said Greenland’s ice sheet has melted about 3.5 trillion tons in 10 years, raising ocean levels by one centimeter and increasing flood risks worldwide.

The second ice cap after Antarctica, with an area of ​​approximately 1.8 million km2The ice sheet covering Greenland worries scientists, while the Arctic is warming three times faster than anywhere else in the world. In total, it contains enough to raise oceans from 6 to 7 meters.

Several teams are checking their development, but the study was published in the journal Connecting with natures is the first to specifically rely on satellite observations from the European Space Agency and conclude that melting has increased by 21% in 40 years.

It has reached 3.5 trillion tons since 2011, two-thirds of which were in the summer of 2012 and 2019 alone, according to the study.

Satellite data actually revealed large differences in the rate of melting, which amplify the heat waves, even more so than gradual warming.

“Like anywhere else in the world, Greenland is vulnerable to an increase in extreme weather events,” said lead author Thomas Slater of Britain’s University of Leeds.

Satellite observations have made it possible to quickly and accurately estimate the loss in a given year and translate it into an effect on sea level rise, according to the researchers, who write that this method “will allow us to better understand the complex ice-melting processes.”

“The model estimates that the Greenland ice sheet will help oceans rise by 3 to 23 cm by 2100,” said Amber Leeson of Britain’s Lancaster University and co-author of the study.

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