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in pictures |  Horror robot scenes for Halloween

in pictures | Horror robot scenes for Halloween

Amazed Halloween fans young and old for eight years with his decorations featuring robotic monsters, skeletons, and demonic machines.

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Alain Levaque, who lives on Empire Street, in the neighborhood of Greenfield Park, Longueuil, began his adventure by decorating his flower bed to do an activity with his children.

“Then, I found out that you can animate the characters. I started doing a little research to realize I had a lot of fun doing this. I developed a passion for making mechanical characters, so as to find the wonders of the people of the neighborhood,” he explains to TVA Nouvelles.

Now the street is closed to traffic and people come from everywhere to admire his work.

“People are walking around everywhere. I would tell you it is very festive. Young people are amazed, smiling, tears, we are having fun. I have a team tasked with distributing sweets and another for security and we are having fun,” says Mr. Levac.

The latter also hopes that the rain will stop in the evening to allow the children to enjoy this evening with horror and sweets.

Other horror party fans also compete in their imaginations to hand out candy bags to the kids.

Someone is using a robotic arm to dispense candy.

The children must choose the treatment of their choice according to three themes, and then the robot will search for it to give it to him.

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Although the restrictions are less severe this year, health rules are still in place to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 linked to Halloween.

The Department of Health and Social Services (MSSS) is asking people who show symptoms of the coronavirus to self-isolate and to avoid handing out candy.

It is also recommended that children do not enter homes and do not sing or scream in front of people distributing sweets, and if possible, always keep a distance of one meter.

Bags of candy should be preferred when distributing candy in order to reduce contact as well as regular hand washing.

For those who will gather in a private residence for a Halloween party, the limit is still limited to ten people.

According to information from Camille Cassese Monet