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Great news for Choucho fans!

Great news for Choucho fans!

Evelyn Brochu marking her comeback with another life

Just over three years after the release of her warmly received debut album, Evelyn Brochu She re-emerged on the music scene. The new room a another lifeannounces the coming of the artist’s second long game – danger Published September 15th.

Faithful in her collaboration, here she is reconnecting in seductive pop with her inseparable boyfriend, the singer-songwriter and director Felix Dutt. clevernessEvelyn relic, joined by the irresistible sensuality of her kind words, though another life He reveals it in a slightly different light. Generously lined with guitars, strings and synthesizers, the performer and poet here oozes fervor and nostalgia, inspired by the cult of the artists who characterized her landscapes such as the Anglo-Saxons Strokes or the Beatles And on the francophone side, a pen Plamondon.

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That’s what comes out of the new album, With the Last Breath of Summer. From a technical as well as a chronological point of view, Evelyn We move on to the next chapter of the story. while initiating it missing things He wanted it to be, in a way, the perfect soundtrack to sipping alcoholic drinks as an aperitif in the spreading sun, and his successor is firmly rooted in the party and excitement of hot nights. More festive and more rock in its features, danger It expresses desire, urgency and passion. With him, intensity and Mercury promise to rise.

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