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Beauty in combination: things and clothes that attract the positive

A young Saguenay entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in people’s lives has launched Belle au pluriel, which offers clothes and accessories with positive messages for adoption.

Created in 2018, Belle au pluriel was born out of a mother’s desire to better define herself in her role, but also outside her family nucleus.

“I noticed there were a lot of mom discussion groups on the internet, but never in real life. I needed to get out [mon cercle] To really know who I was as a mother,” says founder Véronique Villeneuve.

Belle au pluriel was born out of the events, when Madame Villeneuve began organizing assemblies under various themes aimed at women a few years ago.


But the epidemic quickly slowed Ms. Villeneuve’s good momentum.

“We can no longer project ourselves into the future through events, so I wondered how to influence people,” the entrepreneur continues.

This is where the products and apparel offered by Belle au pluriel were born.

mantra to wear

Whether it’s a mug, a jewel, a sweater or a candle, the items offered by Belle au pluriel come with a sweet message to “use as a talisman.”

These messages specifically promote female leadership and the importance of the mother in her personal and professional role.

“I don’t make clothes to make clothes. I send a message that I want people to embrace as a goal,” says Ms. Villeneuve.

A range of products is also geared towards men, with positive parenting messages in particular.

“I really believe that clothing can become an accessory built around value rather than around a brand,” she continues.

Belle au pluriel is only available online, but they offer pop-up shops sometimes, such as Christmas markets.

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When Ms. Villeneuve has the opportunity, she does not hesitate to meet her clients and have deep and long discussions.

She is pleased that she has been able to move so many women who have crossed her path.

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