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Google to connect US and Argentina with submarine cable

Google to connect US and Argentina with submarine cable

Guarantees improvement in terms of access quality for Google services in South America. Mountain View announced Firmina, an undersea cable running from the United States to Argentina. The project is already underway and is under cable construction.

California says Firmina will be the world’s longest fully operational cableWith a single power source”At one end. This will ensure connectivity even if other energy resources are temporarily unavailable.

Google’s new submarine cable runs off the east coast of the United States … Reaches Los Tonas in Buenos Aires, Site for anchoring submarine cables in Argentina. It will also have branches in Priya Grande in Brazil and Punta del Este in Uruguay.

Google’s submarine cables extend its global presence.

Logically, the Firmina is not Google’s first submarine cable, nor is it the first to connect the United States with South America. In 2019, the California company announced construction Curie It stretches from North America to Chile to Panama. In addition to this, Mountain View now has 16 submarine cables spread around the world.

With 12 pairs of optical fibers, Firmina will quickly and securely navigate traffic between North America and South America, providing users with quick, short-delayed access to Google products such as Search, Gmail and YouTube and Google Cloud services.


One important thing to emphasize is that Firmina aims to position itself as an innovation in energy management. As we have already mentioned, this is the longest submarine cable in the world, which can be put into full operation. Get power only from one end.

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According to Google, this is accomplished by providing cable. 20% more tension. Than provided for previous models. This ensures the reliability of the underwater data transmission process, although it does not require high voltage electricity to amplify the light pulses that travel in sections through the optical fiber.