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XV de France. Quel capitaine pour les Bleus en tournée en Australie après le forfait d'Ollivon ?

XV of France. Which captain will lead the Blues on the tour of Australia after Olive’s set?

Tour Australia Fast approaching and XV of France Looking for a captain more than ever. We remind you, Charles Oliven Fabian Chaldea, who has accepted the role since his tenure, suffered a serious knee injury and suffered from cruciate ligament rupture.. Logically, St. Bee Sur will not participate in the tour of the country where he saw the third native line of the Newell. In this case, who would approve of the captaincy?

First 14. The ax fell on Charles Oliven (Doolon): these were the CrusadersAs we recall, the first 14 finalists will not be on the go. Yes Julian Merchant Or Antoine DuPont It is likely to take the interim, which will require it Toulouse Lost in the semifinals. Tito for Gregory Altrit. Inspired during the 2021 6 Nations tournament, Kersois took over from Charles Olive. But again, his club should not reach the first 14 finals. Otherwise, Gail Fico Can accept this role. In fact, racing and Rosalys Ground Being in the same area of ​​the table does not end the final. Both may fail at the latter gates French ground I was able to remove them one by one. In short, this summer Fico, the head of defense and the true leader of the team, could be the lucky winner.

Serin is the most reliable solution

But this time, there is a very serious lead Baptist Cool. Already, because the expelled Toulonois will not participate in the final stages this year. So Serin has to travel to Australia. After all, Scrum Half has already seen French employees give him the keys to the truck and these responsibilities. Last November, whenAutumn Cup, The majority of the French team must return to the club, the mistake of the agreement between the FFR and the LNR, stipulates that no French player should play more than three matches in the Blue. Get out of Olivier, who now sees himself as captain in the match against Baptiste SerinItaly (36-5). The latter recently held this position with his Dolon club, which reassures us of the idea that the French administration should see to it that DuPont is not there. As a reminder, France’s XV will travel to Australia on July 7, 13 and 17 for a series of 3 trials. Fabian Kaltik will call up a team of 42 players. France have not won in Australia since 1990, a win in Sydney (19-28). An eternity. The case with associates does not seem easy James O’Connor. After all, for the first time since the Chaldean period, this group will face a formation from the Southern Hemisphere.

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Without Charles Oliven, Baptiste Serin regains the captaincy ... for a matchWithout Charles Oliven, Baptiste Serin regains the captaincy … for a match