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Antarctica: A rare discovery of a meteorite weighing 7 kg

Little is known, but many celestial bodies cross Earth’s atmosphere every day to finish their path at sea or on land. Fortunately, an extraterrestrial substance that is harmless to humanity has fallen. Thus it is not uncommon to discover small meteorites, and in particular in South Pole, a favorable land to find some thanks to its expanses of desert and the whiteness of its soil. But the latest discovery by a team of scientists is somewhat out of the ordinary. As mentioned futura science, a meteor Found more than 7 kg.

A team of four scientists went in search of a meteorite, after studying satellite data to determine the best places to conduct research. They managed to find five meteorites, including this one that weighed 7.6 kg. Unusually heavy weight compared to the meteorites discovered in this region. During the 20th century, of the 45,000 meteorites found in Antarctica, only a hundred were of this size.

Important discoveries for scientific research

The discovered meteorites should now be the subject of studies within the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. In addition to these five meteorites, scientists have also discovered deposits that may contain micrometeorites. These samples, which will be analyzed within several institutions, can provide valuable information related to meteorites. As for the 7.6 kg part, analyzing it would be invaluable, because given its large size, it would likely provide more scientific data, particularly related to how the solar system formed.

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