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App Store Application Platform |  Meta and Microsoft join Epic Games in its protest against Apple

App Store Application Platform | Meta and Microsoft join Epic Games in its protest against Apple

(San Francisco) Several internet giants, including Microsoft and Meta, accused Apple on Wednesday of not respecting a court decision related to its App Store app purchasing platform.

Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp), Microsoft, this judicial decision.

At the end of the trial between video game publisher Epic Games and Apple, a federal judge asked the iPhone maker to allow app publishers to offer alternative payment methods to those in Apple's ecosystem.

In the text sent on Wednesday, the four companies, which state that they have “some of the most popular apps in the App Store,” believe that Apple has not complied with this decision.

In their joint statement, in support of Epic, the four companies said Apple's new policy “follows neither the letter nor the spirit of the court's decision.”

The video game publisher recently took legal action in response to Apple's new rules, arguing that they made offering other payment methods ineffective.

In fact, the Apple brand has proposed a solution that would allow it to take 12 to 27% on third-party purchases, which represents only a small reduction compared to what it charges on the App Store, where it charges up to 30% on all financial transactions.

The companies charge that the rules are “clearly designed to make alternatives to purchases made within the Apple system impractical for publishers, inaccessible and unattractive for consumers…”

In response to a question from Agence France-Presse, Apple confirmed that it “fully complied with the judge’s order,” which authorizes it to take the necessary measures to protect users.

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These rules also allow it to “protect itself from unpaid use of, among other things, Apple's platform and services…and its exclusive intellectual property-protected tools and technologies,” citing the declaration of conformity it sent to the courts. .