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Good news for Coulibaly and Ismail Sarr

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Preparing the black for the box: good news for Coulibaly and Ismail Sar

The situation of the Senegalese national team players is reassuring. At least that’s what Lions fitness coach Teddy Bellerin said. According to the latter, a series of tests were carried out according to the work done by the players in their clubs and the time they played, and the results were satisfactory according to Teddy Bellerin.

And to address the issue of Kalidou Coulibaly returning from injury, the technician remains optimistic. We must follow Coulibaly by incorporating his club’s protocol without leaving marbles the opinion of the Senegalese team’s medical staff who are following him closely. At the moment, his formal condition provides good prospects for his participation in the African Cup”, he confirms.

An MRI to control Coulibaly’s scarring shows good signs. So don’t worry about Kaleido. But we must not skip the steps so as not to fall into a setback a few days before the start of the African Cup”, warns the Lions physical coach.

Teddy Bellerin also gave news of Watford’s Ismail Sarr, who was also injured nearly a month ago. The former footballer of the generation could also return to the group soon. But the staff didn’t want to “risk compromising his career for a can.”

According to the French technician, medical staff at Lions and Watford are working together to try to get more information about Sarr’s injury. We know he has to go back to Barcelona for an exam. We have a very close relationship with Watford and the player. We always hope he’ll be back on the set.”

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Writer: Ndeye Astou Konaté (Reporter) Thiès –