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Kayden Primo and Paul Byron on COVID-19 Protocol

Kayden Primo and Paul Byron on COVID-19 Protocol

As if that wasn’t difficult enough, there are two other Canadian players who have been shortlisted for COVID-19.

They are Kayden Primo and Paul Byron.

It’s too bad. Kayden was scheduled to face the Carolina Hurricanes tomorrow and Paul Byron was close to returning to the game, his first game of the season clearly having to wait.

So the names Byron and Primo have been added to the (very) long list of players on the COVID-19 protocol in Canada.

The misfortune of some creates the happiness of others. That saying is perfectly true of Samuel Montembolt, who makes sense to get a second straight start.

Is Michael McNavin, who is already with the team (on taxi squad), will the Panthers face Saturday or will Dominique Ducharmet trust Montyampoulet for the third meeting in a row? If he plays well against Gisbury Kotaniemi and the Hurricanes, I don’t see why the coach shouldn’t be back with Quebec. He had a good game under these conditions yesterday in Tampa Bay.

Speaking of goalkeepers, McNavin, who will soon be called up by CH, and Montyampoulet are the only two goalkeepers who could be in the Canadian organisation. Montreal necessarily needs a goalkeeper in the reserve team, but Kevin Boleyn cannot be there as he does not have a contract with the big club. Expect an emergency recording in the next few hours, then.

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The players arrived in Carolina a while ago, but that doesn’t mean they’ll play the game. The Canadians are currently the team with the most players on the COVID-19 protocol and if more names are added to the list by tomorrow, the game shouldn’t happen.

How many cases will it take for Canadians to shut down completely? Seriously, this is silly…


– According to Elliot Friedman, players who test positive can leave isolation after five days. In the United States, it will. But not in Canada. Since the Canadian is currently in the US, will protocol players be able to return within five days? Do All Will the players be able to come back in five days or just Primo or Byron?

– With a reason.