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Give us a better look at the new smartphone buttons

iPhone 15s have been in production for some time now, and we already know more about the design of the iPhone 15 Pro, and in particular what its new buttons on the edges will look like.

At the beginning of the year, we learned that Apple was considering ditching physical buttons on its next high-end smartphones, in favor of capacitive ones. These changes were first seen when the CAD-based renderings of the iPhone 15 Pro were revealed.

Since then, other reports have outlined the changes Apple was going to make to its hardware buttons. As in the case of Android smartphones, Apple has chosen to use just the exampleOne button for volumeand was also preparing for Change the switch to mute the iPhone.

This is what the buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro will look like

New renders from China have unveiled the edge of the iPhone 15 Pro, through which we can see all the new buttons of the smartphone. On the left side of the device, Apple will first make a major change to its volume buttons, as mentioned above.

In fact, instead of reaching for two separate buttons to increase or decrease the volume, Apple would have chosen to use just one. So that will sufficePress the button at the top to increase the volume, and at the bottom to decrease it.

Apple will also change its physical switch to put the smartphone in silent mode, that little button that would have been toggled back and forth. This will become a simple “push” type button, As you can see in the image above. We imagine that the new button will not only have one function, and that it will be possible for example to keep pressing it to perform another action.

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Not all iPhone users should appreciate these new buttons, but they do have one big advantage: They reduce the number of removable parts, which reduces the risk of corrosion. So iPhones need to be a little more durable, a point that Apple has been insisting on for many years.