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Someone defecates near Hillary Clinton and her daughter in a theater in New York

In 1994 a cinematic masterpiece forrest gumpThe main character played by Tom Hanks says, at one point, “Shit happens.”

This expression is pathetically translated in the French version as: “La Merde, ça peut arrives”.

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Well, for Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, the shit happened recently during a theatrical outing.

They sit comfortably in their seats at the Shubert Theater to watch a performance of the musical some like it hot, The two women made a shocking discovery during their break.

said a source Page six How the incident unfolded: “Last week, when Hillary and Chelsea Clinton were present, the lights were turned on for recess and there was human excrement in the aisle next to the famous political duo.

“The maintenance crew handled it very appropriately and quickly, and Hillary and Chelsea stayed in the theater for the second act,” added the unnamed source.

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What’s worse for the stage crew is that this anonymous detective is convinced the culprit is a serial defecate, because this will be the fourth time this has happened.

Another source, however, was offered Page six version contradicts this claim.

“There was an incident when Hillary Clinton and Chelsea attended the show. It was a senior citizen which was kind of sad, but yeah, the staff worked quickly to help sort out the situation and the second act started as planned,” said the other insider.

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The first source maintains its version of the facts.

“I spoke to the house manager, who said this is the fourth time this has actually happened.”

For this detective, however, there is still a lingering question that deserves clarification.

“There’s someone either pooping in the aisle or pooping surreptitiously running off to the stage.”

For now, the mystery remains.

join Page sixHillary and Chelsea Clinton have not commented on the incident.

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