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Gino Chouinard will participate in this project after leaving Salut Bonjour

Gino Chouinard will participate in this project after leaving Salut Bonjour

Since Gino Chouinard announced that he is leaving Hello good MorningTwo questions were burning on the public's lips: Who will replace him? What projects will occupy his agenda from now on? If we have known since November He will pass the torch to Eve Marieand we also know what he has in store for the rest of his career.

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The upcoming animation project includes… Michelle Barrett!

how? Well, in recent weeks you may have heard that the comedian has been on tour with a new show with a very special concept, where he will be interviewed by a public figure.

Among this group of one-night artists, we find, among others, Christian Begin, Patrice Belanger, Mitsu Gelinas, Sonia Vachon And the… Gino Chouinard.

Yes, in September, the host, who will have left his post in Hello good Morning For several months, I will be at the Hector Charland Theater in L'Assomption, asking questions of the famous storyteller. Tickets are still available.

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Obviously this only happened for one night, but we notice that Gino Chouinard is heading in a completely different direction than we knew him to be.

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Let us also remember that in an interview on our pages, he revealed his desire to produce documentaries, and perhaps even hold conferences.

“I want to produce specific projects, in particular a documentary and a series of interviews on a specific topic. I'm not announcing that I'm leaving TVA, however Hello good Morning. It will depend on whether TVA has anything to offer me in the future. I feel a calling: I want to do other types of work. I've been asked to lecture for years, and I've always declined. In the end I said yes, he explained.

Regarding this new offering, Michel Barrett described the concept as follows:

I will return to the stage with a completely new project: Word, Story. During each show, I invite a different public figure to serve as host or emcee for the evening. Each character colors the evening in their own way with their own questions for me, allowing me to share anecdotes that I have not covered before during my previous performances, thus creating unique encounters.

A perfect project for Gino Chouinard, so!

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