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Giant Tiger customer has been inundated with scam calls since the data breach

Giant Tiger customer has been inundated with scam calls since the data breach

“It's not overwhelming, the phone just won't stop ringing,” says one Giant Tiger customer, who has been receiving several calls a day since his personal information was compromised due to a security incident reported by the retailer early this week.

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At the beginning of March, the discount chain was informed that some of its customers' personal information had been leaked, believed to be linked to an incident at one of its technology suppliers.

A few days later, it began notifying those affected via email. That's how Jean-Claude Coté, a native of Varennes, learned he was part of the lottery.

Around the same time, his phone started ringing more than usual. “I get a lot of scam calls and also some spam,” he says over the phone.

“Before, this would happen occasionally, but since I got the email, it's really been happening two or three times a day,” he continues, calling it a “funny coincidence.”

When he answers, he is asked to provide personal information, which he carefully refrains from doing. Sometimes the sound of breathing is heard on the other end of the line, but no one speaks.

“He's tired, he doesn't look good. We have a display, so when the phone rings, we make sure to look at it!”

Remember, the information affected by the data leak is the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of Giant Tiger customers.

The chain confirms that no payment information or password has been affected, but it calls on its customers to be vigilant and not provide any information when they receive mail, text messages, emails or calls that “appear to come from Giant Tiger.”