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From the Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 to the 991 GTS Cabriolet

From the Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 to the 991 GTS Cabriolet

Eager to change the paradigm, the pair found the best consensus. Mark says:My wife dreamed of a cabriolet, and I certainly dreamed of a 911 GTS with a naturally aspirated engine. I wanted this model because a friend of mine at the club had one and made me try it out. loved it. I went to the garage that had taken my Cayman GT4 from me and who was selling a stunning Phase 1 Porsche 991 GTS Cabriolet. I loved its Indian red color. I don't do circuits with it, as I did back then. The Cabriolet isn't really suitable for the track. We mainly go for walks with my wife, and if I want to get back to the track, I go with friends who lend me their cars. My wife loves this car and I have to admit that although I miss the Cayman GT4 for walking, owning a 911 Cabriolet is the best“.

The owner couple goes to several outings with the Porsche Club Méditerranée every year. Mark also volunteers at certain events and is involved in club life.

This 991 GTS Cab is certainly not the last of the pair. Mark says:Maybe one day I'll get a 992 GTS. But the prices are pretty high so I'll keep my 991 for now. Then I take the time to think. The Porsche 992 is cleaner while in the 991, I have a nice sound. It's even easier to drive, and I wouldn't rule out buying one later, if I get the chance.

Mark concludes: “Whoever does not own a Porsche and wants to pamper himself, do not hesitate. It's pure joy. I also encourage car owners to get out their cars. Porsche is made to drive“.

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Many thanks to Mark for his expertise, passion and loyalty to Flat 6 Magazine. See you soon in a new episode of “Your Porsche, Your Story” with a new owner and a new Porsche. Feel free to share your stories with us via email: [email protected].