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Fraud and distress: Is it too easy to create AI in 2023?

According to Simon Lejeune, an expert in digital growth marketing, the sudden arrival of artificial intelligence in our lives may lead to an increase in fraud attempts.

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“We’d be more careful when we heard a family member’s voice on the phone, but whoever tells us something is a little fishy,” he explained Thursday on the airwaves from Noovo Info.

Image credit: Noovo Info

In order to prove the seriousness of AI systems, Mr. Lejeune decided to create an AI by capturing one photo and three 10-second audio clips from the newscast host. Nuovo Corps 17Marie-Christine Bergeron. We want it to grow, but I think we are not ready for this kind of development,” said the digital growth expert.

Here’s what Marie-Christine Bergeron’s AI told us:

Will I be replaced by artificial intelligence? Am I the real Mary Christine? Maybe you can say this today, but will you be able to in a year? And what after 10 years? We are entering an era where it will be impossible to tell right from wrong…and we have to talk about it.”

An excerpt can cause some discomfort, while Mrs. Bergeron’s face and voice look almost identical.

Image credit: Noovo Info

Mr. Lejeune says it only took about 30 minutes to create such an AI. He explains that he was able to get a picture of Mrs. Bergeron for free on Google and that he was able to reproduce her voice by taking three audio snippets from an old YouTube interview.

We did not pay attention to our photos, to our photos that we posted on social networks. But today, it can be used against us,” he warns.

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Artificial intelligence systems are becoming increasingly popular, so one TikTok account was used Artificial intelligence to reincarnate Cedrica Proventure. In the video, the story of the girl kidnapped in Trois-Rivières in 2007 tells the details of her disappearance. This video also raised many questions about the ethical use of AI.

Image credit: TikTok

According to Mr. Lejeune, “we’re still only at the beginning of these slides.” “We still have no idea what can be done with this AI,” he concluded.

Watch the full interview in the video.