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The developer conference will focus on AI and Android, here is the program

On May 10, the Google I / O 2023 conference will begin at 7 pm with a keynote speech, during which Google officials will outline the general status of the company’s projects.

Credit: Google

Google unveiled Google I/O 2023 conference program. In this day that promises to be very busy for developers, more than 120 workshops The organizer will cover various topics such as:

  • Accessibility,
  • advertisements,
  • artificial intelligence and machine learning,
  • Android 14
  • Virtual / Augmented Reality
  • Chrome OS
  • the cloud,
  • the design,
  • mobile application programming,
  • google assistant,
  • google apps,
  • The Internet of things ,
  • geolocation / mapping services,
  • smart home,
  • wear os,
  • And of course the web

The Google I/O 2023 schedule also shows that the company is actively developing Artificial intelligence technologies. Workshop “What’s New in Generative AI?” It will allow developers to experiment with new tools and APIs that “will give computers the ability to understand and generate natural language with a degree of nuance and fluency not previously possible.” After the debut of Bard, a hastily launched chatbot to counter ChatGPT, Google intends to show off its expertise in this area.

At this conference, Google will focus on Android and artificial intelligence

The company holds a central position in the Android ecosystem. Almost a third of the workshops will be concerned with the mobile operating system, both in terms of the evolution of its design with Material You, introduced in Android 12, and in the use of new tools and services of particular interest to developers (Google Play, Flutter, Firebase and other Google Cloud services). Time will also be allocated to order Passkeys, the technology that will make it possible to do without passwords in Android applications.

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Without going into details, Google also confirms Google Home and New form factors. A statement confirming that the company will indeed formalize the new devices. The Pixel Tablet and especially the Pixel Fold, Mountain View’s first foldable smartphone, should also be made official. So the day should be full of announcements, both in terms of software and hardware.