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Four things to know before visiting London

Four things to know before visiting London

Kim Davies is American and has lived in London for two decades. She believed on the channel’s website CNN Besides the differences between American English and British English can lead to funny misunderstandings.


Kim Davies expected famous English pubs to be unpleasant places.
“Instead, they are exciting social spaces where you can meet friends; play board games; read newspapers; work abroad; eat great food; listen to live music; or take part in fun events like quiz nights. She is encouraging. In summer, you can usually enjoy a small adjacent garden, and in winter, warm up by the fire on the large chesterfield sofas.


The British handle humor and sarcasm with skill. So you should be prepared for it. “If you’re not paying attention, you can completely miss it.”

dress code

New Yorkers love black, timeless, elegant, slimming if … British full color palettes. New York fashion is all black. We love it! It’s elegant, it’s timeless, it’s slim, it’s easy to coordinate, it’s perfect!

“When I brought my black wardrobe to London, I thought I would impress everyone with my sophisticated style. Instead, ‘Are you going to the funeral?’ At least three times a day (sigh).”

Tea time

Tea is sacred. According to the UK Tea and Infusion Association, Britons drink 36 billion cups of tea a year. cnn, Kim Davies warns “Tea is the answer to all your problems here. Stomach ache? Have a cup of tea. Breaking up with your boyfriend? Tea. It’s 3 in the afternoon and you need a break? Put the kettle down, it’s time for a cup of tea.”

Elementary, right?

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