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For better mental health, skip the french fries!

Fried foods, especially french fries, can increase anxiety and depression problems, according to her A new study published Monday in the Scientific Journal, in Hangzhou, China.

The study shows that consumers of fried foods are 12% more likely to be anxious and 7% more likely to be depressed.

The analysis evaluated 140,728 people over the course of 11 years.

A total of 8,294 cases of anxiety and 12,735 cases of depression were observed for those who ate fried foods, excluding participants who were already diagnosed with depression.

Research shows that eating french fries increases the risk of depression by 2%.

The research team also assessed that young people are most at risk.

Eat your emotions

And it can go the other way, too: People with anxiety and depression turn to fatty foods in search of relief. “They want to self-medicate,” Katz, founder of the Health Truth Initiative, said in an interview with CNN.

However, getting used to seeking reassurance can have a negative impact on mental health in the long run.

These findings prove the importance of reducing your consumption of fried foods for improving mental health, says study author, Yu Zhang. “We must not panic,” he insists.

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