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Firefox 99 is available and easy to use bank cards

Firefox 99 is available and easy to use bank cards

The Mozilla Foundation has revealed the new version of its Firefox browser. Version 99 features a new function that facilitates the use of bank cards. In fact, the browser now supports autofill for this type of data in Germany, France, and the UK. This will therefore simplify the lives of users who regularly purchase on the web.

Linux users benefit from a sandbox reinforced. Thus, processes that handle web content can no longer access the X Window (X11) system, which manages the user interface. If you’re using Firefox on iOS, a new feature automatically moves tabs to the inactive pane if they haven’t been used for 14 days.

Download Firefox 32-bit for Windows (free)
Download Firefox 64-bit for Windows (free)
Download Firefox for macOS (free)
Download Firefox for Linux (free)

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The new version brings its share of bug fixes and allows you to search with or without diacritics in the PDF reader. Finally, Mozilla adds a hotkey not Toggles Play out loud when using the browser’s reading mode.

source : Mozilla

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