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Find new doctors, health space on Thao Island, municipal insurance… What will the local health contract change

Find new doctors, health space on Thao Island, municipal insurance… What will the local health contract change

It was signed on Wednesday by the city of Sète, the regional health agency and the Primary Health Insurance Fund. This is the fifth local health contract in Hérault.

The Contract for Local Health (CLS) is an instrument aimed at reducing regional and social health inequalities and implementing solutions for local health provision. Health is short circuited, in a way.

The City of Sète has been working on this for almost a year with residents and local stakeholders in the health, social, medical and social fields. A new step has just been reached since its signing on Wednesday, at the Town Hall, between François Commenet, Mayor of Sète, Mathieu Bardel, Director of Administration of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and Philippe Trottabas, Director of Health Insurance in Hérault. .

Seven problems were retained

The meeting of these three partners is the first of its kind for the department, which includes only five service centers, which is a small number. “The Covid crisis was an opportunity for cities to seize health skills. Then, each community does what it wants with this center, which will be managed here by three parties at the technical and financial levels.” commented Eric Letrand, head of the city’s health and policy department at Sète agglopôle Méditerranée (Sam).

In SET, the actions to be implemented until December 2028 will revolve around seven axes: perinatal and early childhood, childhood and youth, maintaining independence, instability, and mental health. “A big issue for the region”Environmental health, access to care and health provision. The budget for the CLS, during this launch period, is approximately €80,000 (including €30,000 from the ARS).

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Older general practitioners

Creating new health professionals is also a topic. A film extolling the advantages of the region has been produced and will be broadcast privately on social networks to attract them. CPTS (Provincial Professional Health Society), which Philip Trottabas (CPAM) warmly described as “Most mature, organized and dynamic in the department”- You will contribute to the construction.

“In the final value, Eric Letrand defines, We have enough general practitioners but almost half of them are over 60 years old. Moreover, their distribution is not homogeneous. They are mainly in the city center. On Thao Island, there are only two doctors left. “We are in the process of recruiting a third.” Sanitary area 215 m2 It is being developed into a future shopping center in this political area of ​​the city. Three doctors, a nursing office, a second for a midwife and another have not yet been allocated. It will be available for free for the first year. Delivery is scheduled for spring.

Local mental health council

If the local health contract is trying to predict the shortage of general practitioners within ten years, it is already effective for secondary care, specialists such as otolaryngologists, cardiologists and, above all, psychiatrists. “We cannot meet the needs of the population. They suffer from psychological disorders that deteriorate if left untreated.” denounces Eric Lothrand. After an accurate diagnosis is made, a local mental health board will also be established in cooperation with CPTS. The needs in this area, reported from the field by health and social professionals, are considered “significant”. Those of young people “Presenting undiagnosed and unattended anxiety and behavioral disorders” But not only. Selin Urgull, who is coordinating the CLS until the incumbent returns, has been approached to lead this local mental health council.

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7000 setwa without health insurance

This is an example of concrete actions that have already been implemented. The launch of a municipal mutual fund at the beginning of 2024 is another example. The contribution rate was estimated at 20%. In addition, according to a diagnostic survey conducted as part of the CLS, 7,000 situa do not have supplementary health insurance.

Another initiative – which has been around for several years at Frontignan – is the creation of a multi-professional health center (MSP) that coordinates the 120 health professionals in Sete. To combat past care, two health and social ambassadors were appointed. Their mission: to reach the population, go door to door, and meet the most isolated people in order to invite them to participate in screening and prevention campaigns.

Philip Trottabas emphasized this: local participation in performances “Beyond that, Hérault.” He announced telephone procedures to support national campaigns. Improving environmental health in the city center and on Thao Island relies on a team responsible for local urban and social management to improve the living environment, housing, green spaces, air and water quality, and disturbances. There is some bread on a wooden board.