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FIFA reveals the composition of the Technical Study Group for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™.

FIFA reveals the composition of the Technical Study Group for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™.

  • Title holders of two consecutive editions of the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ under the management of Jill Ellis
  • This panel of experts will provide in-depth analysis of the 64 matches of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™.
  • The Technical Review Committee is responsible for selecting the players to be honored by FIFA based on expert technical observations and analysis of football data.

FIFA today announced the formation of its Technical Review Group, tasked with providing in-depth analysis of all matches at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™ and contributing to the understanding and development of our game globally. The committee has 12 members from six confederations.

Led by two-time world champion Jill Ellis, who leads the United States women’s team, the technical inspection team includes Nadine Angerer (Germany), Chan Yuen Ding (Hong Kong, China), Gemma Grainger (England), and Anja Mittag (Germany). , Aline Pellegrino (Brazil), Anna Signul (Sweden), Clementine Touré (Ivory Coast), Monica Vergara Rubio (Mexico), Kirsty Yalop (New Zealand), Belinda Wilson (Australia) and Pascal Zuberbühler (Switzerland).

During the tournament, FIFA will share the most advanced data and performance indicators in history with audiences around the world, but also with the participating teams and their players. The technical analysis team will be supported by 52 football analysts, two data analysts, two sports scientists, two data acquisition engineers and three performance analysts, all supported by Harry Lowe (Head of Football Performance Analysis Team) and Tom Gardner (Football Performance and Trends Officer).

The FIFA Technical Study Group will carry out technical, tactical and physical analyzes during the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ and the findings will be published. FIFA Technical Resource Centre As well as other sites. In addition to analyzing action on the pitch, the technical review team looks at trends and trends in women’s soccer and their impact on coach education and talent development. At the end of each match, a multi-page report is published with collective and individual statistics, possession and possession.

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FIFA Awards

The Technical Review Committee is also responsible for selecting the winners of the Adidas Gold, Silver and Bronze Ball, Adidas Gold, Silver and Bronze Boot, Adidas Golden Glove, Young Player of the Year and the FIFA Fair Play Award.

“Football is constantly evolving. The purpose of the technical review team is to analyze players and teams, and to disseminate information and knowledge to participating teams and the public,” Ellis said. “We are specifically dedicated to women’s soccer. What is its evolution? What are the upcoming trends? What are the key elements of the game? Statistical analysis allows teams to better understand what they see on the field and provides them with digital tools to analyze their opponents and their own performance.

Composition of Technical Study Group

Jill Ellis : A double world champion with America, this Anglo-American coach is now the head of the San Diego Wave.

Nadine’s anger : Crowned the goalkeeper of the German national team at the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup, she is now a goalkeeper-player at the Portland Thorns.

Chan Yuen Ting : A former Hong Kong international, she now leads Jiangsu Ladies and was named Coach of the Year 2016 by the AFC.

Gemma Granger : A former player, the Englishwoman is now the captain of the Wales national women’s team.

Anja Mittock : A former German international and World Champion in 2007, she now coaches RB Leipzig’s senior women’s and youth teams.

Alain Pellegrino : A silver medalist at the 2004 Olympic Games with Brazil, he is currently in charge of matches at the Brazilian Football Confederation.

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Anna Signul : An experienced coach, Sweden has led the women’s national teams of Scotland (2005-2017) and Finland (2017-2022).

Clementine Tour : The former Ivorian international now captains Côte d’Ivoire’s women’s national team.

Monica Vergara Rubio : A former Mexico international defender, she managed Mexico’s national women’s team for over a year.

Kirsty Yallop : Former New Zealand midfielder who retired from international football in 2017.

Belinda Wilson : The Australian now holds the position of Senior Technical Development Manager in the FIFA Women’s Football Development Department.

Pascal Zuberbühler : A former Swiss international (51 caps), he now holds the position of senior football expert at FIFA.

Analyzes of the Technical Study Group are published FIFA Technical Resource Centre , an innovative platform available to players and coaches and supporters around the world. Boasting the most sophisticated technology database, this online academy offers a range of resources designed by the world’s leading football experts and technologists, in line with FIFA’s goal of using technology for the benefit of football.