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Australia on the path to authoritarian society [Opinion]

Australia on the path to authoritarian society [Opinion]

This is a text worthy of George Orwell’s 1984: In South Australia, a law was voted on within 24 hours against any individual liberty.

Police surveillance in these times of epidemics has now been extended to the smallest actions of the population, both physical and digital. In fact, This new text allows police to control all social networking accounts of Australian citizens, hack their terminals and collect or add or delete data.

For those in home isolation, they must download the Facial Authorization Application, Home Isolation SA, to prove that they are staying at home. Restricted citizens can communicate randomly via SMS and then have fifteen minutes to show their faces in front of their smartphone camera. The date, time and place will be checked to prove that the filmed object is actually live and in his home. Finally, facial recognition software checks to see if it matches the profile of the registered person. If a citizen does not follow these rules, the police will take them to compulsory isolation. According to Johns Hopkins University data, South Australia has not experienced new cases of Govt-19 since August 23, and there have been no deaths. From April 12, 1.8 million people are questioning the need for such an initiative.

Truck drivers have begun a strike in Australia against Govt-19 restrictions, as severely isolated camps have already been set up across the country. Criticized the lack of a human rights law center “Adequate security” And ignored by the government“Key Recommendations of the Bilateral Intelligence and Security Council that Strong Security is Needed to Protect the Privacy of All Australians.” This text allows the Australian authorities to be “Judge, Judge and Executor”. With almost disconnected from the world, Australia has banned all international flights, and authorization to leave the country is granted on a case-by-case basis. Upon their return, residents will be subjected to two weeks of isolation at their own expense, at the hotel, for about ,500 2,500. Domestic flights have also been disabled.

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