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Charlotte Cardin receives a call from a Hollywood actor

Charlotte Cardin receives a call from a Hollywood actor

Charlotte Cardin is known for her songs with thoughtful lyrics.

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Once again, the singer has proven that she has mastered the art of songwriting by coming out Jim CarreyIt is part of his second album titled 99 nights.

Now the young singer received a call from Jim Carrey himself, congratulating her on her song. Cardan claims he told her “he loved the song and the message behind the lyrics”.

Instagram @charlottecardin screenshot

The young woman posted a story on her Instagram account in tears, visibly affected by the call.

Instagram @charlottecardin screenshot

She wrote: “My hero is cuter than I already thought.”

In a post on his TikTok account a few weeks ago, Cardin gave his fans a preview of his new song.

In addition to revealing some of the lyrics to her new tune, the singer revealed that she’s a huge fan of Jim Carrey.

“jason_brando introduced me to the inspirational speeches of Jim Carrey and we came up with the idea to write a song about how I had to marry Jim, my muse, to free myself from the clutches of the evil me,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “Writing this song in a few weeks with my friends has really been the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had in the studio.”