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feed.  Can working your abdominal muscles lead to eating disorders?

feed. Can working your abdominal muscles lead to eating disorders?

“In Search of Dream Abs…”, “4 Tips for Getting Abs…”, “How to Get a Chocolate Bar…” The search for perfect abs can turn into an obsession.

It is based on two levers, namely physical exercise and diet. In either case, there is a risk of overdoing it. between bigorexia (in other words the fact that you become addicted to sports) and eating disorders.

This association at the crossroads of physical activity, diet, and the issue of self-image has been the subject of many studies, particularly with adolescents and young adults.

In 2019, a Lithuanian team conducted a large-scale study with 736 participants between the ages of 16 and 19. Its authors build on the concept of “control of unhealthy weight associated with physical activity behaviours”. Which, in their view, constitutes “an important variable related to body image.”

“perceived beauty”

Rasa Jankoskin, a professor at the Institute of Sport Science and Innovation in Kaunas (Lithuania), suggests that Physical dissatisfaction associated with beliefs about weight control may contribute to eating disorders “.

She adds that studies of “perceived beauty” also show that men will develop a “muscle drive”—particularly on the back of steel abdominal exercises…and for women, it’s more like a “drive to get skinny.”

If you are wondering about your behavior or the behavior of a loved one, about this relationship to the body and food, talk to a doctor.

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