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At the Pierre Vaucan School, a space to make people want to learn through play

The head of the academy was on the move yesterday (Thursday 4th May) near Morne-a-Lao. For some time now, she has been participating in field visits on the topic “Our School, Let’s Do It Together”. An approach taken under the National Council for the Re-establishment of Education that leaves room for volunteer schools to take initiatives aimed at improving the success and well-being of pupils.

So Christine Gangloff Ziegler was at Pierre Vaucan Elementary School to present two projects set up by the educational teams.

Director of the Academy at Pierre Vaucan Primary School

This is the development of a ‘Flexible Ludo’ space for all the students of the school. “Ludo”, for fun with educational games provided. And “flexible,” because the idea is to allow students to move around. No more sitting around a table for hours.

Educational games

The second project, “Games to Learn,” as its name suggests, allows students to learn while having fun through educational games. Among these games, in particular, there is a game by the designer of Guadeloupe called “Crazy Chrono”. A concept that combines mathematics with learning about animals and plants. Marius Verin, one of the founders of the game, is delighted with the enthusiasm aroused among the children.

“You can see that the students are very motivated. Even the students who are struggling have this desire to learn and that is what matters to us above all else.”

To listen: Immersive reporting by Jeremy Lucio

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