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Farah Alibai has inspired more than 150 people

Farah Alibai has inspired more than 150 people

About 155 people came for the conference organized by NASA engineer Farah Alibai, which was organized this afternoon at the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu by Caisses Desjardins de Charlevoix.

The Quebec aerospace engineer looked back on her career and the various missions she carried out with NASA. Born in Montreal to immigrant parents, Farah quickly felt different because of her name and color.

Despite “many moments of isolation” during Juliet’s childhood, this “very curious” girl was able to rely on friends and the fact that “there were no gender stereotypes at home.” Thus she was able to pursue her passions without contract.

The little girl really appreciated science fiction movies, but she was particularly impressed by the movie Apollo 13Where I got to see the real work of engineers during a mission to the moon that went wrong.

After studying in England, then at Cambridge and MIT, Farah Alipay applied to NASA “about twenty times” before she could work at the US space agency.

Since then, it has served on several missions, most notably to Mars. “My favorite part of my job isn’t sending a robot to Mars, it’s the people I work with. They’re excited.”

Perhaps thanks to the teachers’ strike, there were many more children in the room. They had the opportunity to ask Farah Alibai many questions, which she was generous and enthusiastic in answering.

Farah Alipay answered many questions of very curious children.

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