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Far from crisis, Denmark’s Marie is having fun on the waves in Australia

Far from crisis, Denmark’s Marie is having fun on the waves in Australia

Calm after the storm. This Wednesday, December 21st and After Months of tension in the Danish court Due to Margrethe II’s divisive decision He deprived four of his eight grandchildren of royal titles From 2023, Princess Mary presented herself A relaxing holiday in Australia. Back to his motherland To celebrate Christmas, the future Queen Consort appears to be taking a moment to relax, along with her husband, Prince Frederik, and their four children. However, this is what the clichés convey Dailymailwho shows A 50-year-old in a swimsuit on the beach at Palm Beach, SydneyAnd swimming in the ocean.

In the company of her friends and children, the crown princess went to the sea without makeup Unveiled his athletic body Very trendy light green one piece swimsuit, she was first covered with a thin white shirt. The whole thing was matched with a pair of sunglasses, a straw hat and camel colored sandals. After resting on the sand, Christian’s mother, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine Jumped off a rock and into the water. Her husband was apparently absent that day.

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© Media Mode/Splash News/ABACAPrincess Mary in beachwear on the streets of Sydney on Wednesday, December 21.

Princess Mary joined her native country

The trip was announced in February 2022 and marked Mary and Frederick’s first family holiday in Australia in a long time. The last time the princess made an official visit to her country was in 2013. On a personal note, he reportedly met his family in December 2017. Dailymail. However, Princess Mary agreed A personal solo journey In 2021, it will celebrate its 50th anniversary With his loved ones, including his longtime friend Amber Petty.

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Photo credit: Dana Press / Bestimage