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Fan of your air fryer or microwave?  An expert warns you

Fan of your air fryer or microwave? An expert warns you

Do you religiously use an air fryer or microwave? Your bill may be higher in certain circumstances, according to an expert.

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During an episode of his eponymous podcast, Martin Lewis warned anyone who’d swapped their oven for an air fryer or microwave, LadBible reported April 24.

“The microwave can give you consistent heat, while the oven heats up to full temperature and then fills again, so it’s not running at full capacity all the time,” says the English business journalist and animator.

“If you’re doing a whole roast and cooking multiple potatoes, it’s probably cheaper to put them in the oven than put five or six in the microwave because the latter only heats the product individually,” the expert continues.

Martin Lewis has prepared an equation to help you.

“You need to find the wattage of the product and then calculate how many kilowatts it uses. Then, you multiply it by 34p per hour of use,” he explains.

Air fryers are the cheapest option for cooking most foods. However, “it’s always best to use your oven if you’re cooking large quantities.”

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