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Pont Saint Vincent.  Chefson Space City Stadium opened

Pont Saint Vincent. Chefson Space City Stadium opened

On Sunday, the city stadium was inaugurated on Espace Chefson, in the presence of Senator Jean-François Huson, Audrey Bardot and the Municipal Council.

Mayor Yannick Hellak recalled the whole process of this achievement: the location to choose, the planning, the subsidies to apply for, the selection of equipment, etc., before the installation of this city stadium that the youth had been waiting for for a very long time because they were promised. Mr. Siberry thanked Mr. Lucy who followed this project from start to finish.

rules to be followed

The mayor indicated some rules so that residents and young people could live in perfect harmony and not conflict with each other.

Three elected officials, in turn, tour each evening to make sure all is well.

The city stadium is there so that young people can indulge in football, handball and basketball.

There are schedules to respect: Monday to Saturday 9am-9:30pm and Sunday 10am-12pm and 4pm-7pm in order to keep the residents of the street calm.

Chefson’s space is gradually being reborn. There is already a picnic area, stairs have been cleared and there are plans to install a playground for young children.

The senator welcomed the mayor’s work, noting that he is working to “wake up a city that has been asleep for so long.”

Young people express their satisfaction at being able to indulge in their sports in complete safety.

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