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Exhausted couple shut down laundry after 12 robberies

Exhausted couple shut down laundry after 12 robberies

After they both finish seeing their businesses get robbed in the greater San Francisco area, a California couple shut down their laundromats.

In an interview with the daily Inside Edition, Derek Toms said that in the past six months, laundry rooms have been divided into 12 times.

The ordeal for him and his family began in January, when a truck crashed into the front of their laundry room only to be able to steal money from an ATM at the entrance.

Toms said that despite evidence provided by police surveillance cameras, nothing positive came out.

“Previously, this kind of crime happened around 2 am. In my case, the thieves did it at 7 am. In one week, they stole up to $5,000 from me and caused $11,000 in damages to the ATM” .

Several similar crimes occurred in the weeks following the first incident.

The American businessman said the crime that angered the most was when they tried to steal his truck parked outside his house.

He says that thanks to his dog the thieves escaped.

Finally, this California family decided to pack up and settle down thousands of miles away in Alabama.

The couple had to close all of their branches before moving in, which was difficult.

“It was a very difficult decision, but it was the right choice,” said Derek’s wife, Skyler.

The family plans to open new laundries in Alabama, while they wait to sell their old buildings in California.