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Ex-SNC-Lavalin CEO targeted in $1.9 million lawsuit

Ex-SNC-Lavalin CEO targeted in $1.9 million lawsuit

The ex-CEO of SNC-Lavalin, convicted of one of the worst corruption cases in our history, has not yet finished his sentence: an insurance company is claiming about $1.9 million from him, which has been used to pay for his defense in criminal proceedings.

“After Dehim’s conviction, none of the defendants had the right to benefit from the coverage provided by the police [d’assurance] ‘, can we read in Chubb’s lawsuit, targeting Pierre Duhemy as SNC-Lavalin.

The engineering firm’s former CEO, the 68-year-old, has been charged with various charges, including conspiracy and fraud, in the McGill University Health Center (MUHC) construction case, which dates back to 2012.

To secure the contract for the Montreal giant hospital, high-ranking SNC-Lavalin officials paid $22.5 million in bribes.

permissive sentence

Legal proceedings against Pierre Dehim continued until February 2019, when he was finally able to avoid a six-month trial thanks to his lawyer, Mr.e Michelle Massicott.

Dhaimi then pleaded guilty to a charge of breach of trust and was sentenced to 20 months in prison at home.

However, the terms of the contract linking the former CEO and SNC-Lavalin to the insurance company were broken when Duhaime was convicted of Canada’s biggest corruption scandal, can we read the lawsuit brought by Chubb.

So the insurance company would like to recoup the $1.878 million that was paid to Duhaime and the engineering company.

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