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Evictions in Saint Constant: Angry mobile home owners

Evictions in Saint Constant: Angry mobile home owners

Twenty-seven owners of mobile homes installed on land in Saint-Constant, in Montérégie, will have to find another place to live after the land was resold to a contractor who must build housing there.

While they knew they would be putting themselves at such risk by paying the monthly rental fee to put their mobile home on the ground, they didn't expect it to happen so quickly.

Until recently, the land was owned by the Dubey family, which sold it to a group of developers who will build 200 housing units there.

A few months ago, the previous owner told them that he had no intention of selling this land to a contractor.

According to information obtained by TVA Nouvelles, negotiations were ongoing last September and the final deal was completed in December.

However, only two of the owners had raised the question about potentially selling the land after purchasing a mobile home, according to a Dobie family representative. She added that others would not be informed of this possibility.

Families, retirees and people living alone, these owners only have a few months left to pack their belongings, but they have difficulty finding a new place to live, because not all municipalities offer this type of zoning.

“I have $81,000 left on my mortgage as of today. I invested a little bit of money that I had to replenish. “We're taking it very hard, because every day we're out there, every day it's hell. I've been looking for Since December.”

“We don't know where to go. I don't want to lose my house. I put all my money there,” said another owner, Nathalie Charbonneau.

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The new owner told TVA Nouvelles that a representative has been appointed to help the owners move their mobile home.