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Eurovision 2023: Travel to Australia!

After Australia’s temporary suspension, the nation of kangaroos decided to go for internal testing this year. Even better: SBS has revealed the names of the candidates who will wear the country’s colors in Liverpool.

Rumors abounded, and incidentally they often coincided with the deepest desires of Eurofans. Return Tommy In, Jaguar Jones or Electric Fields christening, Chris Sebastian (representing Guy’s brother, 2015) visit … everything has been heard or almost … until the moment Crystal Ball gets involved in the affair again , both names are leaked. Artists and Title.

In this case, the official notification is out now. So Voyager will be representing Australia at Eurovision 2023 promise.

Does the name Voyager mean anything to you? This is normal! The team actually participated in the Australia results in 2022. And then the big favourites, who fell just three tiny points short of victory, not without winning the televote, then out of proportion to the frenzy of locals who registered their votes en masse. Their title A dreamer. He also proposed the title A runaway For 2020 selection, ultimately not selected.

Voyager is a progressive rock/metal band formed in 1999. They have seven studio albums, including the latest, Colors in the sunPublished in 2019. A live album, A journey through time, which came out last year. The group has been praised by critics and the more musical Australian public for their sounds that evoke 80s synth pop/rock/electro culture. Ind, but internationally, he has already toured Europe and America. We also saw him on French stages alongside Vola and Four Stroke Baron.

with title promiseVoyager – who revealed his desire for Eurovision back in November – is looking to conquer Liverpool next May and try to do better than Sheldon Riley’s fifteenth place finish last year. Will the team win their race? See you in May to find out!

© Mike Dean

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