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Espace Hubert Reeves: More ready than ever to see the light of day

Espace Hubert Reeves: More ready than ever to see the light of day

Espace Hubert-Reeves promoters believe they are more ready than ever to complete it. Of the $20 million needed to build this “non-standard” project, $7.5 million was raised.

Quebec and Ottawa requested a total of $16 million. The Chairman of the Atmospheric Observatory Board of Directors specifies that 60% of the $4 million that is part of the private sector has been found. “I would like to make announcements, but you will understand that governments and partners will make them. Some can be done in the fall. The Quebec government can then confirm 60% of its funding,” says François Tremblay.

If all goes well with the Quebec government regarding funding, the process will begin with the federal government. This is what the organization’s plan stipulated elsewhere.

François Tremblay is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Charlevoix Geosphere Observatory

The effort to find the funds has been enormous. In the past year, he has not signed any financial commitment. “We are at a critical juncture. We remain motivated. We believe we will be able to complete the financial package with the Government of Canada within six months, ”the head of the organization also points out.

“The reception is impressive among the partners called. They are even the ones who described the project as ‘non-standard’. It is a project that will have an international impact because of its design. A building that will have high environmental standards and its operation will be carbon neutral,” adds François Tremblay.

Espace Hubert-Reeves will of course have a scientific scope, but in reality it can reach a very large number of clients. Tourism and educational institutions, including but not limited to these sectors, will benefit from it.

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The institution will be interactive in environmental sciences, astronomy and geology. It will be equipped with multimedia equipment. “The story is exactly the same as what was presented to the public. However, technologies evolve and in design changes can occur. Not much was said about augmented reality when the project was unveiled, ”concludes François Tremblay.

If all goes according to schedule, L’Espace Hubert-Reeves will be built next to Parc du Havre in La Malbaie in 2025.

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